The Montello Group offers five main opportunities:


1. Direct Response Copywriting — The Montello Group specializes in creating every bit of high-response, direct response writing you need for your sales funnel. We provide everything from video salesletters to infomercial scripts… (MORE)


2. Consulting — You may not need a full-scale launch and just want guidance on your strategy. This is why we offer a wide-range of consulting services, like brainstorm sessions, sales funnel critiques, and copy chiefing… (MORE)


3. VIP Concierge Service — If you’ve got the desire to release a high-profile, high-quality product within any niche… and you want a fully “done for you” solution, from product research and creation, to graphics and video production, then our VIP Concierge Service may be for you… (MORE)


4. Publishing Partnerships — This is for experts, authors, or anyone with unique knowledge and a strong desire to take your idea and make it into a 7-figure success… (MORE)


5. Pro-Bono Projects — If you run a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, then you may qualify for a pro-bono project, such as a fundraising letter or consulting… (MORE)