Sometimes Vin and the group aren’t available for full scale projects. Other times entrepreneurs just want Vin’s ear or his expertise for a few hours.


Not too long ago, 8-figure marketer Matt Bacak called on Vin to do just that. Here’s what he had to say:


I’ve been online for over 10 years now and have made millions upon millions of dollars. Until last year, I never hired anyone to consult me about a product launch. But since I had a goal of making my first Clickbank launch one of the biggest launches ever, I hired Vin for 4 hours of consulting.


2 weeks later, our product soared to the top of Clickbank shattering all records. Let’s just say.. That offer did so well, it hit 2,086.87 gravity on Clickbank.


Thanks for the help Vin!

Matt Bacak Eight Figure Marketer


In our world there are many things that constitute “consulting.” The following list is far from complete:


Copy Critiques — Hook Creation — Copy Chiefing — Launch Strategizing
Brainstorming Sessions — Copy First Aid – Design Integration — Headline Packages Product Creation — Split Testing — Medium Switching


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