VIP Concierge

Over the years Vin’s built strong relationships with top-shelf designers, videographers and editors. He’s also got SEO experts, traffic buyers, television airtime liquidators, experts and info-product writers in every major niche, on speed dial.


Sometimes we’re called upon to not only write or consult. Some clients want Vin around to creatively handle designers and the like. These are services we offer, but this is not the VIP Concierge.


That is something very special, and only for very special clients.


If you’ve got the desire to release a high-profile, high-quality product within any niche… and you want a fully “done for you” solution, contact us today. We can arrange the whole project so you remain entirely hands off, if that’s what you want.


We’ll hire the “ghost creator” to professionally put your vision into product form. We’ll work with him/her to ensure the quality is of the highest caliber. Then we’ll write the copy, attach a designer, produce the video, and plan the launch. This includes finding you the perfect JV manager who will do all the partner recruiting for you.


Then, and only then do we hand it off to you. The virtual version of opening a “turnkey” business.


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