The Montello Group specializes in creating every bit of high-response, direct response writing you need for your sales funnel. No scammy, empty promises… no hyped up scare tactics like the other guys deliver.


We’re talking well-researched, well-documented truth-based copywriting. The kind of marketing you don’t have to take a shower after reading. Copy that comes with facts that not only can be checked, but WILL be checked. And we prefer it that way.


Why isn’t everyone doing this? Simple: It’s harder. And much, much harder to do without draining the copy of the spark… the magic… the juju.


But for The Montello Group, this is where we live. This is where we thrive.


In my business, I have a constant need for good copy… and even more, for good people with integrity.


In a world full of a slimeballs and downright jerks, Vin has been nothing but professional, courteous, and flexible with me. He’s my go-to copywriter and conversion specialist, and he has become a trusted advisor.


Each time I work with him and his team, Vin goes above and beyond to ensure that I am more than happy.


As a result, Vin has become not just one of my goto business “buds,” but he’s also become a friend, and I’m better because of him.

Ryan Moran Online Marketer & Publisher


The Montello Group is available for all your direct-response needs…


Online Sales Letters — Video Sales Letters — Landing Pages — Optin (Squeeze) Pages
Webinar Scripts — Full Scale Product Launches — Auto-Responder Emails — Affiliate Emails
JV Pages — Offline Sales Letters — Infomercial Scripts — And more!


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