About Vin Montello

Vin is a  former stand up comic who spent his 20’s headlining comedy clubs around the world, persuading semi-drunk people to laugh. He had his  fill of the road after 10 years, so he put away the luggage and parlayed his comedy success into a “day job” writing and producing television in Hollywood.


From stand up he developed his ability to “read” an audience and speak their language… two skills that are extremely important when trying to reach a market. From writing for “family friendly” TV Vin learned where the line is drawn between “edge” and “mainstream,” creating a style of copy that is wholly unique in tone and scope.

As a TV producer he not only learned how to manage the many facets of a big project, but he developed a keen visual eye, and attention to detail that is a must in today’s style of visual marketing.


These days Vin has combined all those hats into one as the the founder and leader of The Montello Group, where he’s been responsible for delivering the sales copy for some of the world’s biggest online juggernauts, as well as small entrepreneurial upstarts.


He’s sold thousands of units in a single minute for one Clickbank marketer… sold a million dollars in 18 hours (sold out in 24) for another… and generated nearly a half million dollars a month (for over a year) for one of these small niche clients.


Vin discovered the power of mentorship when he was lucky enough to snag a coveted spot being personally mentored by living legend, David Garfinkel.


One thing that sets Vin apart from many other copywriters is how well he knows how to use the most powerful persuasion technique of all, storytelling, with great creativity and in a compelling way.


And, he understands when comedy actually works in sales, which almost nobody else does.


I give him my highest recommendation.

David Garfinkel World's Greatest Copywriting Coach


David not only helped mold Vin into one of the leading online copywriters in the world, but into one of marketing’s most sought after mentors.


Over the years Vin’s trained some of the biggest 6-figure Clickbank copywriters and even a couple 7-figure monsters. The best of the best, however have remained with Vin, and are senior members of his team.


Together, they make up The Montello Group.



About “The Group”

Ross Bowring
— One of Vin’s first graduates, Ross is among the best copywriters working in direct response today.


Both on his own, and since pairing with Vin he’s had numerous hits from major 9-figure marketing companies, Clickbank leaders, and mom and pops as well. But Ross is probably best known as the author of “Stripped Naked Sales Letters,” the industry’s most detailed and revealing exposé of winning sales tactics in online copy.


Whenever we’re called upon to deliver sharp, witty copy in the “Business and Investing” niche, Vin’s first choice is to tackle it with Ross by his side.  Hardly a one trick pony, Ross also excels in the “Diet and Fitness” market as well as “Self Improvement” and “Make Money At Home.”


Ross brings a keen mind and attention to detail to every project he works on. Also… thanks to his background in Radio, he’s got a knack for making sure the group’s copy is always tight, and well researched.



Hans Klein — A powerhouse writer, sure, but also The Group’s in-house launch systems specialist. Hans is best known for creating riveting  pre-launch video scripts, and buzz docs that set social media ablaze. But he means much more than that, to this team.


He’s written million dollar sales copy for numerous niches, and often finds himself taking on new markets just because he never had before.


And it’s worked out great for both he, and The Group. Recently he’s surprised many by partnering with Vin for big winners in “Diet and Fitness” and “Sports Betting” as well.


On top of all that, he’s probably the only guy on the team who knows some of the technical stuff. Most of us are all “right-brained,” while Hans is cerebrally ambidextrous.



Peter Michaels — aka The Rock & Roll Copywriter. Peter’s one of the newer recruits to the group, and is quickly building a name for himself with a #1 Clickbank hit in his first month with us.


He’s also written emails with unheard of click-through rates, in almost every major niche.


Peter brings a whole different vibe to the team that was missing before he got here. Take Mick Jagger and put a Don Draper-esque cocktail in his hand and you’ve got Pete.


Other than writing, Pete’s biggest contribution to The Group is his visual eye, something Vin loves working with and nurturing.  This “eye” for what works in print or video probably comes from Pete’s former life as a professional photographer.



Mario Castelli —  Also one of the newer guys, Mario came to Vin with a built in talent for writing… a strong desire to learn from the best… and a six year history as a professional poker player. Vin saw a bit of his young self in Mario (must be the Italian/American thing) and decided to take him on.


Mario immediately embraced the challenges and the all-for-one nature of The Group. He’s learned tremendously not only from Vin personally… but from all of us. Now… a graduate of the program, Mario continues to prove himself daily, writing with Vin’s help in a wide range of markets. But… that only tells part of the story.


Mario brings a unique set of skills to the marketing table. Skills we’d never seen developed to this degree.  “It’s all about the Poker,” says Vin. Poker combines the need to have a  well-developed analogical brain, along with  a “real world” knowledge of human psychology. These are the perfect foundation for a winning sales message.



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