Pro-Bono Projects

We here at The Montello Group keep ourselves pretty busy with regular clients and partner projects, but we’re always looking for ways to use our skills to help others. We prove this regularly through our free training webinars and downloadables. But… we also like to set aside time for pro-bono work.
So… if you’re an accredited non-profit and looking for help with fundraising or client outreach, you may qualify for free consulting and communications writing from the Montello Group.
But… in the spirit of complete candor you need to understand due to the time involved, we can usually only take on two such projects per year.
The kinds of projects we can help you with, include…


  • Fundraising direct mail letters

  • Fundraising online landing pages

  • Consulting to help with on-going fundraising and improve client outreach


To learn more, please fill out the form below…


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