The Collaborative Advantage

The extreme benefit of collaboration is Hollywood’s longest held secret.
It’s how Emmy winning television is produced, and how big box office is created, sometimes out of thin air.
For example: Adjusted for inflation, the highest grossing film of all time isn’t “Avatar” or “Titanic.” It’s the 1939 classic, “Gone With The Wind.” This film has put far more asses in seats than either of the Cameron productions. In today’s box office money, that “quaint” (by today’s standards) civil war love story has generated over 3 BILLION dollars.


And it was written as a collaboration by no less than five writers! “The Ten Commandments,” from 1956 is a little lower on the list at number 7. This seems appropriate because that’s also how many writers had their hands in that classic.
The list goes on… literally for decades. “Jaws (5 scribes),” “The Sound Of Music (4).” And it’s not all “ancient” movies, either. perennial family favorite “The Lion King,” has a grand total of 29 writers listed as contributors.


Vin first discovered this¬†collaborative writing process known as “Gangwriting,” as a Hollywood television writer. Throughout most of the 1990’s Vin found himself writing on the staff of pretty much every kind of TV show imaginable. From ubiquitous children’s cartoons, to edgy sitcoms. From news magazine formats, to talk shows, and more.
And, rather than being written by a single writer… most of these shows are actually penned by one head writer (known as the show runner) and a gang of staff writers (as many as 15).

“When starting as a staff writer it can be a little frustrating to know pretty much
nothing you write for the show will remain in tact. But, after you see how
much better your writing can become through the process, you quickly learn
how to rely on the advantage of this kind of support.” – Vin

Fact is, the more creative minds… the more talent… even the more eyeballs you can get on your writing, the better that writing becomes.
Vin was the first to bring this “Hollywood Secret” to modern day marketing.
He, the “Show Runner”… his team, the collaborative advantage you get when you hire The Montello Group. While other copywriters work in a vacuum, holed up in some dark basement office, or at a corner table in Starbucks, the writers in The Montello Group work as a team.
Before any writing is done a team meeting introduces the project. Brainstorming begins… research is done… Tasks are assigned. There are never less than three brains involved at this stage. Then Vin pairs up with a senior team member to begin crafting the message. And finally… the copy is delivered to a minimum of four members for notes. This is all done to ensure you benefit by getting the best possible writing. Not just one man’s opinion.

Here’s an interview Vin did with podcaster Joe Bushnell. In it, he explains much more about gangwriting and the advantage it gives you in all your marketing.



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