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There are four big ways to receive training from Vin, and/or The Montello Group.


Training Option # 1: Personal 1-On-1 Mentoring


Vin offers 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching to a very select group of writers. Vin’s students have become some of the top online copywriters out there today. Other mentors constantly ask how he can have such a great rate of success. The answer is simple: Vin will not take on just anyone.


In order to get Vin’s mentoring and coaching time you need to prove you’re serious by paying for six months in advance. But that’s not all; you also have to prove to him you’ve got “the right stuff” by submitting writing samples that show a basic talent for the craft.


While other mentors may take on anyone with a pulse just to collect a fee, Vin is trying to grow a network of tremendous writers he can confidently endorse, and also count on to partner with in the future. Barely 1 in 8 who apply is even considered.


Monthly sessions with Vin include 75 minute private “classes” on a shared online space, working on the areas where each student is most lacking. Because this is individual training, where Vin works on what he and you feel is needed most, no two mentees receive the identical curriculum.



Training Option # 2: Group Coaching


We also offer a slightly less intensive coaching that involves senior members of the group working with the writers in small gatherings (4 max) to guide, and teach using the same principles they learned from Vin over the years.


These sessions, like the 1-on-1 sessions with Vin, are done over a private shared online space. The process includes critiquing your work (real, and homework). Vin is involved in some sessions but much of the heavy lifting is done by Ross Bowring and other top members of The Montello Group.


This option comes with two additional benefits: First… anyone can sign up. There is no submission process. And second… the cost is less than half the investment of 1-on-1 with Vin.



Training Option # 3: [FREE] Downloadable PDFs


Periodically, Vin publishes a free report or giveaway. Each is either a self-contained, laser-targeted conversion lesson… or some other kind of writing tool. Below are two of the most popular available for download, just by clicking on the title.


Vin’s Seven Story Secrets – The game-changing report that put story-telling selling into the forefront of modern online copywriting.


Head-Libs – The fill-in-the-blanks copywriting tool that makes creating killer headlines fun and easy.



Training Option # 4: [FREE] The Conversion Clambake


The group and I semi-regularly get together for free, no-pitch training sessions for marketers and copywriters alike.


We call these informal gatherings “Conversion Clambakes.”


Conversion… because that’s the bottom line benefit to learning the art and science of sales persuasion. And Clambake… because, well… we like to see it as a little party of sorts. A bunch of friends—some actual, others virtual—gathering over a shared interest (that would again be the “Conversion” part).


These multimedia webinars run the gamut. One time Vin may interview a leading authority on their particular marketing expertise… On another the group may spend an entire hour or more putting one lucky Clambaker’s website in the “hot seat,” giving up tons of actionable content.


But most of the time it’s just us and you… The loyal Clambakers. This is when we like to open the lines and answer any and all your questions on marketing and conversion.


One thing’s for sure. No matter when you tune in, it’s a safe bet we’re going to give away some of best secrets discovered “in the trenches” working on real projects for real clients.


These FREE webinars cover everything from email marketing… to video sales letters. From SEO… to direct response design. From story telling… to so-called “hypnotic writing.”


Here are some recent favorites:


1. Weight Loss Sales Letter Torn To Shreds! — Recently a friend of the Clambake, Brian Edmondson asked if we would review his sales letter. So, Vin assembled some of the group and we spent over 90 minutes breaking down the letter from start to finish.  Vin asked not to know who wrote it, just so we could be brutally honest. Watch it below.



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2. Vin’s Famous Seven Story Secrets — Before he started using words to persuade wallets out of pockets, Vin spent nearly 20 years writing and producing television in Hollywood. It was during this time… and his 10 years as a headlining stand up comic, that Vin developed a story-telling sixth sense. This might not mean much to everyone else in the world, but as marketers we know that words only tell… it’s stories that sell.


So, Vin devised a way to translate these story skills to marketing and advertising. And that’s how the seven story secrets came to be.


He shared those secrets on a Clambake not too long ago. Watch some of it below.



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3. The Cash Video Formula — This is the full recording of our very first Clambake training. We started off with the one topic we probably get asked about the most, video sales letters. Watch it here.



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4.  The Email Marketing Formula  — Inside this excerpt, Vin reveals our seven steps to craft emails that get opened… read… and most important of all… sell your product and service like crazy.



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