Your Conversion Concierge


“High Performance Sales Funnels… Perfected.”



Paying mid five figures for a sales funnel makes great sense for marketers who are already highly successful and are looking to build on that success…


But… it may not be within everyone’s reach. I get that.


It’s exactly why I decided to create three other levels of conversion assistance that any marketer can afford.


So… while I may not be there to help “birth” your baby… I can be for follow up care and any conversion ailments that might crop up.


This kind of care makes me sorta like the marketing version of a concierge doctor. I come to you when you need me and apply my expertise to quickly diagnose and treat your sales funnel.


More than “chiefing” your copy… but less than writing it entirely. Basically… it’s the perfect mixture of big picture insight and sleeves rolled up fine-tuning.


Each level gives you a different degree of help based on need and budget.


This made to order service is delivered via private, email and phone communications between you and me (and my conversion team). Not a message board or facebook group… this is private one on one consulting where I’m invested in your success.


Hell… I hate to lose!


Just choose the level of assistance you need, below:


Level 1: Emergency Funnel Rescue


This is where the team and I tear apart your ailing sales funnel and breath new life into it.


In many cases this is as simple as removing language proven to kill sales… and changing a few key components to maximize conversion, and boost sales.


This level of diagnosis and treatment has proven to skyrocket conversions anywhere from 15% to 200%+.


The Funnel Rescue package is for you if you’re on a budget and need to get something to finally convert, as quickly as possible…


Or… you maybe you’ve been sitting on copy you just don’t have confidence in. We can help you fix it right away, so you’re ready to launch knowing it’s the best it can be.


Here’s everything you get…


redcheckA deep critique that puts more than one set of trained eyes on your copy…


 Recommendations on changes that will make the most immediate impact…redcheck


redcheck A little bit of rewriting done by us to make the process simple, quick, and easy for you…


You will walk away from this rescue with new confidence and all the tools you need to hit a home run.


For this kind of precise “emergency rescue,” you’ll pay just $3,999.


Just be sure you take action now. Slots fill up quickly.


Level 2: Continuing Consulting Care


You know the difference between a moderate success and a blockbuster all comes down to the details. While allowing me to “rescue” you can make great strides in achieving that breakout success, any marketer worth their salt will tell you the most important thing is what you do next.


Basically… you can open respectably and rest… or you can fine tune to perfection.


With this package, you get everything in the level one Emergency Rescue package…


PLUS… we’ll be there right by your side over the first critical month helping you maximize response for each crucial part of your funnel.


You get:


redcheckHigh-impact copy adjustments based on analytics like “time on page,” “cart abandonment,” and of course sales conversion. This kind of ongoing testing and tweaking can turn even the most anemic performer into a runaway success.


redcheckStrategy sessions to assist you in conceiving new opportunities for sales. Upselling, cross-promotion… and opening up additional markets for your product. So many entrepreneurs get stuck in their single-minded brain they never see what can be so obvious to the Concierge team.


redcheck My Concierge email vetting system. Your email marketing gets an instant boost when your messages are put through our proprietary vetting process. This package covers the analyzing and tweaking of up to 10 emails before they ever see the light of day. Not email marketing right now? Then you definitely need a strategy session with me!


redcheck And… you can send us even more copy to analyze! With this package, individual pieces of copy (upsells, shopping cart pages, additional headlines, etc…) can be sent to us… and we will respond with professional recommendations… all in under 72 hours (M-F)… guaranteed. This is HUGE because there is NO LIMIT to how many pieces you send. Just be sure it’s one at a time, please. 🙂


This package is obviously for the more serious-minded professional who hates leaving money on the table.


It’s amazing how much “testing and tweaking” can change your bottom line. If you’re not doing it yourself, you should be. If you’d like help… this is the package for you.


Many of my clients start strong, but only get stronger during this process. How much stronger? It’s not unusual for conversions to double… or even triple after successfully testing and adapting to those results.


Most will pay upwards of $5,000.00 for a single week of this kind of access. But I’m quadrupling the time period from a week to a month.


You pay just $4,999 for 30 full days!


Level 3: The V.I.P. Surgery Package


This package is for a special type of client. One with a big appetite for success, but maybe a smaller appetite for getting his/her hands dirty.


This is a level of care where we do much more of the work for you.


Here, you get everything from the Emergency Funnel Rescue… all of the “Continuing Care” from package 2 and…


redcheck A minimum of 3 unique headline and lead packages for your sales funnel. While getting sales in the first minute of your copy is nearly impossible, LOSING sales this early is the norm. Even with a successful funnel you can lose up to 40% of buyers right off the bat. A big boost in “eyes on the page” can be had by finding the opening to your copy that resonates best with your market. We give you 3 completely different opening attacks, perfect for split testing.


redcheck Based on the results of the above split testing, your “winning” headline and lead is further refined and retested to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


redcheck A major rewrite of key elements of your sales message, that may include: The story… The offer… The “perceived product value”… And the overall tone of the piece. We also cap it off with our own proven risk reversal money back guarantee. This element uses positive NLP practices that make your guarantee hypnotic and the sale “a no brainer.”


redcheck A full launch (or relaunch) strategy session where you and I talk out the best practices for making it work this time. This part of the package is all about me doing all I can to ensure your ultimate success.


redcheck Ongoing vetting of your weekly email marketing that goes well beyond 30 days. Basically… as long as my assistance is needed, and the product is still bringing in profit, we will continue to help you put your best email forward each week you mail.


Look at it as your marketing “insurance policy. We’re not only there to get you through surgery… we’re there as you need us moving forward.


While having us write your sales copy could cost you upwards of $40,000.00, plus a royalty, I’ve come up with this package just for attendees to this event… and I’m pricing it insanely low.


Not 15K+ like others have charged for less…


If you sign on for this V.I.P. Surgery package, you pay just $7,500 +10% royalty.


I’ve never offered a service like this before, and may never do it again. So, I encourage you to contact me right now.


Just fill in the form below and hit submit.


And remember… slots will fill up quickly so act now.


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